Smart Learning System
Based on the cognitive science learning theory

What we
  • Every child has a dream, and infinite possibilities to make one’s dream come true.
  • Every child is precious and has different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Every child has the right to receive personalized learning.
  • Technology must provide educational opportunities that are tailored to children.
Thinking beyond the limits of thinking

We started asking 'stupid questions' about the obvious.

Do every students have to take the same class if they have the same grades, the same progress, and the same grades?
Wouldn't it be different for each child what they are good at and what they are not good at?
Isn't it 'skills' beyond 'grades' that children really need?
Does solving many problems improve children's skills?
Is it okay to just skip the question with the correct answer?

A teacher-friendly class, will it be helpful for the children as well?

Imagination, beyond the limits of thought!
able thinks beyond that.

able History

2008Daechi-dong math academy

A small private math institute with 30 students and 7 instructors from Seoul National University, Yonsei University, POSTECH, and KAIST.
"Why hasn't anything changed in the math classroom from 20 years ago or now?"
"Is it really best for the students to do what they're doing now?”
Starting to ask stupid questions about things that are too obvious was the beginning of able.

2010Establishment of Math Island Mathematics Education Research Institute

With deliberation, the 'Mathematics Island Mathematics Education Research Institute' was established by many enlightened teachers and principals from other areas such as Daechi-dong, Mok-dong, Bundang, and Daegu. Then, together with Professor Cheol-Hee Jeong and Dr. Jae-Myung Yoo from the Institute of Cognitive Science at Seoul National University, researchers in Math Island began to think about how to provide better math education to children.

2013 Development of able SMART LMS

Currently, about 30,000 people per year (4,200 students for enrollment 2 years or more), possession of DB of about 45 million math problems.

After such long consideration, a total of 67 programs including ACL system (Advanced Customized Learning, Completely Customized Learning System) which is developed for the first time in South Korea, SCA (Self-Directed Learning Ability Test Sheet), and A-DTM (Mathematics Learning Competency Test Sheet) able Training Program 41 have been completed.

2014 able Mathematics Education Center Daechi Branch opened

While watching a child studying, we realized that the 'method of studying mathematics' was very different from the way we did. So, we decided to build a new system for letting children study the ’real math.’ After such a long time, able made another start in Daechi-dong in July 2014.

2016 able Franchise Branch Business Start

As a result of nearly three years of research, we were able to complete a student-customized class system consisting of 300 different pre-learning courses and 150 different academic preparation courses. After establishing 7 standards to meet all children's standards, we have finally developed 12 special solution units that are unique to able in 67 programs. This allows us to provide effective, interesting, and effective lessons for children.

2017 Established the Korea Institute of Learning Psychological Measurement

TLP, a group of learning psychology measurement experts optimized for the domestic educational environment, collaborates with researchers from the Yonsei University Cognitive Science Research Center and Yonsei University Cognitive Engineering Lab. Together with the Korea Research Center for Learning Psychometry, we developed the nation's first ACL math learning system

2018 Established the Korea Institute of Learning Psychological Measurement

able analyzed the data of 7,200 elementary, middle and high school students in Korea with the best statistical analysis researchers at Yonsei University's Cognitive Engineering Lab to diagnose the cause of learners' learning difficulties in a scientific way. Currently, 297 TLP affiliates have been established.

2019 Development of A.I. Mathematics Engine

We’ve been not only developing our own mathematics specialized learning system but also trying to spread the able’s learning effect go beyond the academy system so that it can be applied to all students who wat to study on their own.

2020 Chunjae Education MOU for license supply

Jul. Establishment of research institute corporate
Oct. Chunjae Education MOU
Nov.Seleced SMEs and Startups project
Dev.Collaboration with Yonsei University Research Office/Industry-University Cooperation Foundation


Jan.Changed company name to 'Able Edutech Inc.'
Apr.1st place awarded 'Consumer Choice 2021 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index’
Jun.1st place awarded '2021 Korea Customer Satisfaction Index’ in the math category
Jun.Selected as a non-face-to-face startup incubation project for 2021 by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Aug.Awarded 'Korea Customer Satisfaction Brand Grand Prize' in the math category

2021 Second half

Haroo Math (scheduled to be released)
Metacognition Training (scheduled to be released)