Company introduction

Company introduction
Imagination, beyond the limits of thought!
able thinks beyond that.
able Education Philosophy

Learning is able to be completed with free ideas and endless trial and error.

able edutech Inc. has a perfect learning management system that applies cognitive science theory to make all children's dreams come true and show their infinite possibilities.

Vision and values

Leading global education innovation with able technology

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    Focusing on individual customization

    Individually tailored complete learning company

    Individually tailored smart learning company

    Individually tailored math education company

  • vision02

    Focusing on subject, course

    A company specializing in elementary, middle and high school mathematics education

    Elementary, middle and high school smart learning math education company

  • vision03

    Focusing on artificial intelligence
    math education platform

    A company specializing in artificial intelligence education platform

    A company specializing in artificial intelligence mathematics education

CEO Greetings

Imagination, beyond the limits of thought!  able thinks beyond that.

Today's children need the ability to respond to rapid economic, environmental and social changes in preparation for their adulthood. In addition, they must prepare for the jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet been invented, and solve social problems that have never been anticipated.
Therefore, education in today's era should go beyond problem-solving training just to get good grades,and should be able to develop children's ability to solve the many problems they may face in the future.
Mathematics is the only subject that develops problem-solving skills among the many subjects taught at school, and it is a subject where logical thinking can be practiced. However, it is true that many children struggle with this important subject, math, and give up on their dreams because of math.
Even worse, some students get a good math education based on their parents' financial strength and achieve their dreams, but there are students who don't even have that opportunity.
Our children are like seeds.
I was born with infinite potential to be anything I dream of.
Children themselves needs to stretch their roots to get nutrients,
reach out their arms above the sky to get enough sunlight,
overcome the rain on their own, and let them grow well on their own.
Isn't that the future that our society sincerely wants to give to children?
able creates a world where no one give up on one¡¯s dream because of math.
Able dreams of a world where anyone can get a good math education if they have the will to do it themselves.
By adding technology to education, able creates a new education system that suits each other's children who differs what they are good at and what they are not good at.
able supports the infinite possibilities of children.
able edutech Inc.

Ph.D in Cognitive Science and Engineering, Yonsei University.
Sung-tae Kim sung-tae kim